Links to tools, bought me on AliExpress


Belt sander (mini grinder)

Abrasive belt 60-1000 grit, 15 * 330 mm / 25 * 330 mm, 10 pcs.

Foredom SR flexshaft 230 W, with reverse (China)

Diamond sharpening boards

Objectives for microscope system SZM, fixing diameter 48mm

Eyepieces WF10X20, WF10X23, WF15X15, WF30X9

Eyepieces WF20X10

Horizontal tripod arm with adjustable fit for the microscope head

Glass SZM CTV 1/3 (0.3X) for trinocular microscope camera

Trinocular microscope system SZM 7X - 45X

Compact industrial computer with Intel processor.

Computer display, HDMI 1080 IPS USB Type-C